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Heather. 18. Preparing to leave for the Air Force on Aug 27th of 2013. Security Forces. :) I have a serious passion for working out and eating healthy. I aspire to oneday become a weight loss coach. Developing body peace within myself and others is my biggest passion in life at the moment. Any Questions? Just ask!XD

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I do feel like I’ve been going overboard with the before and afters recently— but you guys, I just feel really hot. I’m so proud of my progress. And when you’ve been as tired and “blah” as I have been recently its nice to have something that makes you feel good about yourself. 

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People who are traveling are more likely to fall in love because they are ready.

Fruit smoothie :)

Flax seed, China seed, almond milk, Greek yogurt, banana, mango and strawberry

Time to get real.

Since I have been in Colorado my life has changed completely. Things that I once believed to be so important to me now don’t even matter. My whole mindset is different.

So the reality…
I’m falling apart in terms of my ambition and motivation to be “tonedforthejourney.” I created this blog right before the peak of my fitness goals a few years ago. During that time I was living an amazingly fit and strong life. As time progress and I joined the air force I lost sight of all the goals that I once planned to achieve. I feel as though I have let everyone who follows this blog down.

That’s why I am changing. My path now will be turned back in the direction it was headed. I need your support. Doing this alone just isn’t an option.


lunch were potato dumplings with a carrot-sweet potato-coconutmilk sauce and tofu cubes :)

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coconut dragon bowl / recipe

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